Digital Life™ SuperThin™ Micro HDMI

SuperThin Micro for HDMI is the all-in-one connection for high-def audio and video. See high-definition pictures and movies from your camera, camcorder or smartphone on your big screen HDTV. SuperThin Micro HDMI is 20% thinner than standard HDMI so i

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8 ft. Micro-HDMI to HDMI Cable

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Reproduces All the Photographic Detail of Today's Portable Devices Capture
Today's smartphones and digital cameras take ultra-lifelike photos at ever-increasing resolutions. Monster Digital Life SuperThin™ Micro HDMI cables deliver all the bandwidth you need to view them on your HDTV with 24-bit color for maximum color accuracy and the smoothest color gradations conceivable.
High Speed for HD Video and Audio
SuperThin Micro HDMI cables support full HD video at 1080p for the best resolution your HDTV can offer. 
Ultra Flexible and Reliable
The connection panel on some HDTVs can be hard to reach. At 20% thinner than standard cables, SuperThin Micro bends easily for connections in tight spaces. Heavy-duty triple-layer shielding rejects electrical interference for more reliable data transfer, while large -gauge copper conductors provide optimum signal transfer.