Are You A Monster?

Thank you for your interest in Monster! If you are ready to propel your career to new heights, read on. We are looking for talented, dedicated Monsters with a can do attitude and entrepreneurial spirit to join our team. At Monster, we have created an environment where culture, commitment and opportunity converge to yield a truly unique place to work. Do you thrive in a team based, dynamic and fast paced environment? If you do, then YOU may be a Monster!

Mission To Our Monsters

Monster will be a challenging, fun and rewarding place to work. Monster's Entrepreneurial Culture and Monster Attitude will provide an environment where all can rise to the level of their abilities. Monster will foster teamwork to accomplish the goals. Monsters will be knowledgably empowered by leaders who provide good direction and honest feedback. Monsters who demonstrate strong potential will be rewarded with career development and advancement opportunities.


Monster Benefits & Perks

As Monster grows geographically, expands into new markets and introduces new products, we need to meet challenges of keeping the company staffed with entrepreneurial, talented people by being competitive in the Benefit offering. At Monster we work hard to provide our employees a wide range of quality benefits. Please take a look at the benefits and perks Monster has to offer.


You have the opportunity to enroll in one of the three medical plans offered.

  • Kaiser Permanente (HMO) - Available in California only. This plan allows you to use Kaiser Permanente facilities and doctors for your medical and pharmacy needs.
  • UnitedHealthcare Choice (EPO) - This plan allows you to use providers that belong to the UnitedHealthcare network. Services outside the network are not covered.
  • UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus (PPO) - This plan allows you to visit both In-Network and Out-of-Network providers. By visiting providers that belong to the UnitedHealthcare network you’ll receive the highest level of benefits and save on out-of-pocket costs.


If you elect Medical coverage, you will automatically be enrolled in the Dental plan. The Delta Dental Premier plan allows you to visit any licensed dentist of your choice. However, by visiting providers that belong to the Delta Premier network, you can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. These lower costs are due to reduced rates that Delta Premier Dentists agree to charge members instead of their typical fees.


If you elect Medical coverage, you will automatically be enrolled in Monster’s vision plan

Short/Long term Disability

You are automatically covered by short and long term disability insurance.

Life Insurance

You are automatically covered by basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance at no additional cost to you.

ADD (Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance)

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance provides specified benefits for a covered accidental bodily injury that directly causes loss of function.

Employee Assistance Program

You are automatically covered by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at no cost to you. The EAP program consists of resources and referral services, counseling, and support services, online information and interactive tools. All services are free, confidential, accessible 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, and available to you and all the members of your household. Metlaw You have the opportunity to enroll in the


Legal Services plan. This plan provides legal representation for you and your eligible dependents at a low monthly group rate paid through convenient payroll deductions. The available benefits include: Advice & Consultation, Consumer Protection, Debt Matters, Defense & Civil Lawsuits, Document Preparation, Family Law, Real Estate Matters, and Wills & Estate Planning

Time Off (Sick/Vacation)

  • Holidays - Monster provides a combination of paid holidays and floating holidays.
  • Vacation - Monster offers accrued vacation time to accommodate your need to take time off for vacation, personal business, family matters, or other reasons.
  • Sick - Monster offers accrued sick time to accommodate your need to take time off due to illness.

Employee Accommodation Program

We want our employees to be familiar with all of our products and so we provide an accommodation program for employees to purchase Monster products at a deep reduction in price.

  • Monster Advantages - As a Monster employee, you can save on a wide variety of products and services, from auto and home insurance to flat screen TVs and movie tickets. These are discounts you cannot get directly from providers and retailers. This program is provided through YouDecide.
  • Credit Union - Monster partners with Patelco Credit Union and Community One Federal Credit Union (Nevada area) for your financial and banking needs.

Commuter Benefit

This program allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars in an account to cover eligible methods of transportation that are incurred due to a daily work commute. Each month you may contribute up to $120 for transit expenses, up to $230 for parking expenses, and up to $20 for bicycle commuting.

Tuition Reimbursement

Monster is committed to helping employees enhance their education in work-related areas. Upon successful completion of the course, Monster will reimburse 100% of job-related courses up to annual maximum of $5,000 for tuition and reimburse for books up to a maximum of $50 per class.

Employee Referral Program

The best source for talent is the referrals made by employees. If the referral is hired, a bonus is paid after the new Monster completes 90 days of employment.


We all look forward to the day we can retire. You have the opportunity to participate in Monster’s 401(k) plan. You decide how your contributions are invested when you enroll.

Monster Mottos

Monster Mottos and Concepts are ideas that will help all of us as individuals become more effective at what we do, make better judgment decisions and create a high level of communication.

Mottos are the cornerstone of being a Monster and a common language for the communication of ideas, behavior and problem solving that few companies achieve. Mottos are unique to Monster and provide an incredible competitive advantage. Its when people comment, Monsters are incredible in how they work together. Monster has a fantastic culture. We can depend on Monsters to do what they say they are going to do.

It is up to all of us as individuals to internalize the mottos and live the true meaning of them. It is up to you to learn these mottos and concepts and practice them every day.

Monsterous Business Strategy

  • RNRT: Right Now Response Time
  • Sooner is Better than Later
  • Short Before Long: Minimizing the Murphy Zone
  • Looking Through the Eyes of the Recipient
  • What’s in it for Them?
  • Play the Movie in Your Head
  • WDYK? Find Out What You Don’t Know
  • The Perception is the Reality
  • HOW to Do Something is More Important than WHAT to Do
  • Losing a Battle is Less Important Than Winning the War
  • Don’t Just Be a Problem Solver, Be a Problem Preventer
  • Don’t Let Their Problems Become Our Problems
  • No More Redos
  • 7 Nos May Equal One Yes
  • Know When to Hold Them, Know When to Fold Them, and Know When to Walk Away
  • Is the Cup Full? Reaching Monsterous Potential
  • Think International
  • Do it in Monster Style

Monsterous Communication

  • Who’s Got the Ball?
  • Connect the Dots
  • Writing the Monster Play Book:
  • The Follow-Up After Each Meeting, Each Phone Call
  • Push on the Balloon Until the Balloon Pushes Back

Monsterous Personal Skills

  • Never Say No, Only a Qualified Yes
  • Long Prep, Short Execution
  • Cutting Hair
  • Ask the Right Questions So You Get the Right Answers
  • Drill Down
  • Do What You Say You Are Going to Do, Within the Time You Say You Are Going to Do It
  • Working on the Other Persons Time Table

Monsterous Judgement

  • HDYK? How Do You Know?
  • Moving the Needle
  • Identify and Focus on Things that Matter Most
  • Root Cause: Don’t Just Treat the Symptom, Cure the Disease
  • Assuming Makes an Ass Out of U and Me
  • Don’t Build False Walls: Don’t Base Future Outcomes on Past Experience
  • 95% Done is Still 100% Undone
  • Doing 90% for Less Money
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Changing the Paradigm
  • Follow the Thread
  • Take One Step Back Before Taking Two Steps Forward
  • Due Diligence Before Pushing the Button
  • Looking in the Mirror
  • Ask What it Costs, and Then Evaluate if You Would Spend it if it Were Your Money

Monster Concepts

  • Concept of the Company as a Car - Build a Better Machine
  • Winning the 24 Hour LeMans
  • Indy 500
  • Better Flat Than Fat
  • Monster Direct Communication
  • The Golden Key
  • The Concept of Primary and Secondary
  • Eliminating the Search for Superman and Looking for Clark Kent: Building a Team Process
  • Knowledgeable Empowerment
  • Mentoring Through Transition
  • The Yin and the Yang

              The Monster Law of Reciprocal Motion

      The Importance of Measuring Results:

                  -measurements that control action

                  - measurements without resulting actions are meaningless

  • Documenting the Team Machine Implementation: How to Create a Process that is Followed
  • The Distribution Chain

Monster Mojo

Monster Mojo Mission Statement

The Monster Mojo Team is made up of a group of employees who volunteer their time, creativity and high energy to help make Monster a GROOVY place to work! The team promotes cross functional/ department interaction by creating a fun, friendly and monsterous environment for Monsters.

A Few of the Mojo Teams Recognizable Attributes

  • Monster of the Month (MOTM)
  • Monster Marriages & Monster Babies
  • Ice Cream Socials
  • Cookie Monday
  • BBQs
  • Special Events (Halloween, Chinese New Year, Cinco De Mayo)