SoundStage Support

Setup Videos & FAQs

Monster® SoundStage™ is a high definition whole home wireless audio solution from Monster capable of streaming music over both Wifi and Bluetooth®.  It's all about the performance. The powerful front and rear firing drivers of the SoundStage deliver room filling sound with precise clarity and a wide stereo field that extends beyond the boundaries of the speaker itself. With long front-facing curves and sharp angled edges, the SoundStage has modern design cues with a slim profile that blends into any home décor with ease.


The SoundStage uses the Qualcomm® Allplay™ smart media platform to easily connect multiple speakers to your home router without requiring a separate hub. The free SoundStage app gives you total control of your multi-room audio system. You can easily stream your favorite songs in every room of your home. The SoundStage app provides a social music sharing experience that allows anyone on the network to queue music from their mobile device or access network attached media storage within the home. Additionally, a growing list of Allplay enabled music services give you the option to control your multiroom audio experience directly from some of the most popular streaming apps.


The SoundStage offers more ways to connect to every audio player in your home. Connect to Wifi media across your home network, Bluetooth wireless streaming devices, digital fiber optic for home theater and gaming, and auxiliary 3.5mm inputs for analog connection to almost any music player. Additionally, you can charge directly from the USB connection.


The backlit capacitive touch controls light up when activated but remain subdued when controls are not in use, displaying current audio input while providing play/pause, skip track, volume, and source control directly on the speaker menu. With this level of control, you can easily access the playback functions you need in a rush.


SoundStage offers best in class sound quality performance while delivering an easy to use and versatile solution with more ways to connect to all the music in your home.

It is simple to set up your Monster® SoundStage™ system using a Wifi router capable of WPS. First, make sure you download the SoundStage App from the Apple App store or Google Play store. Choose to setup new speaker in the App and it will guide you through the simple setup process.

  1. Plug-in the power adapter to the wall and connect the DC plug to the SoundStage
  2. Turn the power on from the power button on the top right side of the SoundStage

    The SoundStage defaults to Wifi as the primary input. The power LED will blink red and blue for up to a minute as the unit boots. Once the power LED is solid blue, SoundStage is ready to connect to your network

  3. Activate WPS mode on your router by pressing and holding the WPS button on the back of your router until it indicates that WPS is engaged
  4. Now, promptly press and release the WPS button on the input panel behind the rubber cover on the back of your SoundStage. Within two minutes your SoundStage speaker will be joined to the network. If you have difficulty connecting through WPS, try Connecting with your Mobile device.

If WPS isn’t supported on your home router or you weren’t successful making a WPS connection, it is easy to connect your SoundStage to your home network setup directly from your Mobile device. First, download the SoundStage app, which will guide you through the process.

  1. From the Wifi network settings menu on your mobile device, select the SoundStage speaker and connect directly to the speaker over Wifi, just like connecting to a home network.
  2. After connecting to your speaker in you Wifi settings, for iOS devices a pop up screen will appear after you are connected directly to the speaker. For Android, the process is just a little different, you have to open up your preferred web browser after you’ve connected directly to the speaker over wifi. You should now see the Monster network setup screen. If the screen does not appear in your default browser, type Monster into the URL field and press Go. You will then see the setup menu appear in your browser. You can simply step through this menu to join the speaker to your network.
  3. Name your speaker and click next.
  4. On the following screen, there is a drop down menu where you can select your home network. Then, enter your network password. Click next and wait for the speaker to successfully join. Within a minute, you can open up the SoundStage app and the speaker will appear in the device menu.

After connecting a SoundStage speaker to an internet connected router through WPS or by using your mobile device, the first thing you should do is update your SoundStage. We continue to enable more features and make improvements to the product every day, so it is important to run the latest FW version. You will receive notifications automatically when updates are available for your speaker. Instructions to guide you through the update process are built into the app. You can choose to run the update when notified or check for updates in the settings menu of your speaker.

  1. Once you have chosen to run an update, it will take a few minutes to download to the speaker. When the update starts, the control menu will blink red until the update is complete. This process should take no longer than a few minutes.
  2. When the update is has completed, the blinking will stop and the control menu will no longer be illuminated.
  3. This step is very important. Unplug the power connector, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in.
  4. The control panel will quickly blink red as the SoundStage finalizes the update and will then return to a power off state. To complete the process, turn the speaker back on and wait for it to reboot. The power LED will blink red and blue until it has rejoined the network
  1. Change source to Bluetooth® by swiping the control panel and pressing the back-lit circle in the center until the Bluetooth logo is illuminated.  If you’re the first person to pair and connect to the speaker, the SoundStage will default to pairing mode. When the speaker is in pairing mode, the Bluetooth logo on the control panel will blink.
  2. Then, from your device’s Bluetooth menu, select the SoundStage speaker and connect.
  3. If you want to pair a new device, simple press and hold the Play/Pause button for 3 seconds.

Now, you can wirelessly play all your streaming services and content directly from your mobile device.

The SoundStage system can play different songs to different speakers on the network, or play the same song on multiple speakers. It all depends on how you group them together. If you’ve loaded a playlist you like on a speaker, you can play that same music on multiple speakers. To set up a group, simply open up the device menu and choose group next to the speaker that is running the playlist. Then check the speakers you want to play to, and click done. Now they are grouped together and playing the same songs in perfect synch. Easy!


SoundStage gives you several ways to connect to the music you love through Wifi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm analog, and digital fiber optic. To change the source, simple swipe your finger across the top of the control panel to illuminate the backlit control panel. Then press the circle in the center of the control panel to scroll through the different input options.

Your SoundStage™ remembers what network it is joined to. If you ever change your network ID and password… or you want to assign your SoundStage speaker to a new network, you will have to reset the network settings on the speaker. This is simple to do, just press and hold the mode button on the back of the speaker for 10 seconds and release. Wait about a minute for your speaker to reboot.  The power LED will blink red an blue for up to a minute during this process. Now you can connect your Soundstage to a new wireless network.

Using Direct Mode, you can stream high definition content directly from your mobile device to your speaker over Wifi.


If your SoundStage is already connected to a wireless network, you can enter direct wifi mode by simply pressing the mode button on the back of the speaker once. This removes the speaker from your home network and allows you to connect directly to the speaker by selecting it in the network settings on your mobile device. Direct Wifi mode is convenient if your speaker is in a private area and there are times that you don’t want other devices on the network to have access to your SoundStage.

With SoundStage, you can play any streaming service by simply connecting to a speaker over Bluetooth. There are also integrated services like Spotify Premium’s Connect and Rhapsody, that allow you to stream directly from the service app to the SoundStage speakers. This creates a connection directly from the streaming service to your speaker. For Spotify connect, simply tap the connect icon in the now playing menu. Now you can choose any SoundStage speaker. For other services that are Allplay™ integrated, the Allplay logo appears in the bottom right corner of the app interface. You can select this and then choose which SoundStage the whole home audio experience directly from the streaming service's app interface.