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Monster Wireless Headphones


Using the latest Bluetooth technology, Monster’s wireless headphones let you move freely, eliminating the tether that attaches your 'phones to your device. Monster Bluetooth headphones easily pair with any Bluetooth device, have great throughput, and feature on-ear or on-cable controls so there’s no need to dig for your device to volume up or change tracks. Great sound, no cables, convenient controls.

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Monster In-Ear Headphones


Compact, with surprising performance, In-Ear headphones (earphones) are great for travel and perfect for running and working out. Many are designed with comfortable, adjustable SportClip retainers to keep them in place while you run, do circuits or other locomotion. Look for features like an in-line mic that lets you take hands-free calls or wireless Bluetooth earphones. 

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Monster On-Ear Heaphones


On-Ear headphones add an acoustic chamber for weightier bass and a warmer overall sound. This style of headphone also provides more cushion for a comfortable, immersive sound. On-Ears are fairly compact and afford some noise isolation, while still letting you hear what’s going on around you. They’re a good travel choice, especially if you get a pair that folds.

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Monster Over-Ear Headphones


Full Over-Ear headphones are able to provide an incredibly focused musical experience. With plenty of real estate for ample acoustics, swiveling ear cups, plush ear covers and complete noise cancellation, over-ear headphones offer a luxurious and transcendent listening experience. 

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