Cassette Adapter 800

No matter how old your car is, you can still enjoy your music your way with the Monster® Cassette Adapter 800. Just pop it into your car's cassette player and plug it into your portable device.

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Cassette Adapter to 1/8” Mini - 3ft.

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This product has been Discontinued

Listen to Your Tunes on the Road
Just pop the lightweight Monster Cassette Adapter 800 into your car's cassette tape player and plug it into your player's headphone port. Like that, your audio tracks will play through your car speakers, letting you and your friends enjoy the music you want for the whole trip.
Exclusive Monster® Features Deliver Performance & Reliability 
Exclusive Monster® features make the Cassette Adapter 800 a cut above, including: Dual Balanced™ conductors for natural audio; 24K gold contacts for optimal signal transfer/corrosion resistance; and an ultra-flexible, protective Duraflex® jacket. 
Get Better Sound from a Cassette Adapter
Unlike other cassette adapters, the Monster® Cassette Adapter 800 has a spring-loaded cassette head that maintains solid contact with your cassette tape player’s head and an improved cassette head mechanism for better sound.
3ft (0.91m) cord
Compatible with any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack (1/8” Miniplug)