Digital Life High Performance Micro USB - High Speed

Super advanced HD video and digital audio connection for today's ultra-high performance computers and HD displays. Enjoy razor-sharp high definition video, lush deep color and ultra-fast refresh rates as well as up to 7.1 digital surround sound. Al

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Speed Up Digital Living with High Speed USB Micro
USB Micro: The Connection For Many Ultra-compact Portable Devices
These days, portable electronics cell phones, PDAs, and portable media players are an important part of your life. Many of today's ultra-compact electronics feature smaller USB Micro connections. Monster’s Digital Life High Performance Micro USB is both a fast data transfer cable and a rapid charging cable for devices with micro connections.
A High Speed Data Transfer Cable and Fast Charging Cable
Monster® Digital Life™ USB Micro is a high speed data transfer cable and it delivers high power as a rapid charging cable for all micro USB enabled devices, including Bluetooth® headsets. Use Monster Digital Life USB Micro to keep your digital life in the fast lane.
Six-inch Length Available: Perfect For Clutter-free Laptop Bag Storage
Avoid the bird's nest and go short! The tangle-free, 6-inch Monster High Speed USB to Micro USB cable is the perfect way to un-clutter your laptop bag.
Monster Provides Faster Charging Than Ordinary Cables
Monster construction provides better conductivity for up to 30% faster charging than conventional charging cables, and allows faster data transfer. That means you can spend less time charging and more time enjoying.
1 6” USB to Micro USB cable
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