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USB Mini is the universal connection by which almost all your portable electronics connect to your computer and charge. High Speed USB delivers bandwidth greater than 800 Mbps, 1.5 times the highest industry specification.



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Speed Up Digital Living with High Speed USB Mini Cable
USB Mini: The Connection For Most Portable Devices
These days, USB Mini is the universal connection for almost all your portable electronics. It’s the easiest way to transfer music, photos and HD home movies between your computer and portable devices. It’s both a data transfer cable and a charging cable.
The High Speed You Need for Today’s Big Files
Larger files for more lifelike movies, music, and photos require a fast data transfer cable. Monster® Digital Life™ High Speed USB Mini gives you the speed you need, and more. It delivers bandwidth greater than 800 Mbps, 1.5 times the highest industry specification, so you know your cable won’t be the bottleneck in your digital life. As a charging cable it promotes a faster recharge.
Six-inch Length Available: Perfect For Clutter-free Laptop Bag Storage
Avoid the bird’s nest and go short! The tangle-free, 6-inch Monster High Speed Mini cable is the perfect way to un-clutter your laptop bag. 
Monster Provides Faster Charging Than Ordinary Cables
Monster cable construction provides better conductivity for up to 30% faster charging than conventional cables, and allows faster data transfer. That means you can spend less time charging and more time actually using your devices.
• High speed rated: 800+ Mbps data transfer rate. 
• Delivers 1.5 times the highest industry specification.
• Heavy-duty dual-layer shielding rejects EM and RF interference for more reliable data transfer.
• Ultra-flexible Duraflex® protective jacket for easy routing and installation in tight spaces.
• For portable hard drive, mobile phone, laptop/desktop computers and more
1 6”  USB to Mini USB cable
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