Original MonsterĀ® Cable Clear Jacket - High Performance Speaker Cable

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Monster® Cable, the world's most popular advanced performance speaker cable, is specially designed to handle complex high-current audio signals, making it ideal for reproduction of any music, from classic


100 ft. spool - 30.48 m.

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Original Monster® Cable Clear Jacket - High Performance Speaker Cable.  

Monster’s patented 24k Gold Angled Pin Connectors

We jacket Monster® Cable with out exclusive Duraflex® to protect against abrasion and temperature extremes. We provide you with precision-machined, Lock-Notch connectors that won't come loose or inadvertently pull out. And we plate each connector with corrosion-proof 24k gold for maximum conductivity.

Wide Range, Improved Bass Performance, Extended Frequency Response

Analog or digital, Monster Cable makes all your recordings come alive. There's more punch to the sound. Smoother highs, a tighter bass, and a clearer midrange. With greater clarity, you'll hear details you never heard before. Most exciting of all, you'll experience better depth and imaging – creating a more "live" and natural listening experience.

Large Copper Conductor Area

We use more copper for better power transfer, finer strands for improved highs, and a special winding configuration to help maintain signal integrity and provide greater clarity and less distortion in the music.