Monster XP Clear Jacket - Compact Speaker Cable

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Monster® XP Cable Clear Jacket - Compact Speaker Cable is an advanced speaker cable for connecting speakers to stereo and home theater systems. Monster® XP's compact design makes it ideal for


500 ft. 16 gauge

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This product has been Discontinued

Monster® XP Cable Clear Jacket – Compact High Performance Speaker Cable.  
Outer Diameter: 8.05mm Wide, 3.92mm Tall
Variance: +/- .1mm
Magnetic Flux Tube® Construction for Natural Music Reproduction
Impressive clarity, bass response and dynamic range in a compact design.
Special LPE insulation reduces signal loss and distortion. 
Special Winding Construction Transfers Music Signals Accurately
XP's exclusive Magnetic Flux Tube and Special LPE Insulation let you hear more of the music with deeper, tighter bass, better imaging, and powerful dynamic range that easily surpasses ordinary zip cord and many more costly "audiophile" cables.