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Today’s High Resolution Audio Requires More from Your Audio Cable
Today’s DVDs, SACDs, and CDs are demanding components, delivering high-resolution audio with greater depth and detail. Unfortunately, conventional audio cables, particularly the “free-in-the-box” variety, often lack the technology and construction to faithfully transfer complex audio signals without loss of clarity.

High Performance Audio Interconnect for Clear, Detailed Music and Movie Sound from Precision Audio Components
To reproduce all the detail and dynamics in your favorite movies and music, invest in superior audio technology: Monster Cable® Stereo Audio 300i.

The Sonic Advantage of Monster® Patented Technologies
Monster® 300i offers exceptional performance and value. Balanced solid-core conductors and an aluminized Mylar® foil shield reject noise that can distort the audio signal and smear delicate harmonics. Patented six-cut Turbine® connectors and 24k gold contacts maximize conductivity and corrosion resistance for long-lasting clarity. Plus, an advanced polyethylene dielectric maintains signal integrity for increased tonal accuracy, wider dynamic range, and deeper bass.