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...engineered to maintain high current capacity levels to your components resulting in...Better Power Delivery

Ordinary extension cords often fail to deliver the high current your high powered audio components need to maintain peak performance.
Your high-powered components (like TVs, laser printers, and receivers) may not be getting all the current they need to maximize performance. Ordinary power extension cords with smaller gauge wire often fail to deliver or maintain the consistent level of high current necessary to drive your high-powered components. As a result, you lose the impact and drama in the sound your components were originally designed to deliver.

Connecting your high-powered components to a high current extension cable can help deliver greater sound impact and drama.
Proper connection with a high current extension cable can help ensure your high-powered components get all the power they need. Advanced winding construction boosts low-end bass for greater sound depth.

Heavy-duty Monster PowerLine extension cable delivers maximum power for the best possible performance from all your components.
Advanced, ultra fine-stranded construction maintains delivery of high current power with minimal loss over long lengths to ensure your components receive the maximum current they need to maintain their peak output performance.

Convenience and performance;
PowerLine 100's FlatProfile™ plug lays flat and plugs easily into Monster Power PowerCenters™ and PowerProtect™ power solutions. Heavy-duty Duraflex jacketing provides maximum flexibility without kinking, while advanced inner construction minimizes current loss for optimum power transfer. For added convenience, PowerLine 100 comes with color-coded component labels for easy component identification. Maximize power delivery to your components. High current power delivery, minimal power loss and ultimate flexibility! Monster's PowerLine 100 delivers high performance solutions for today's technology challenges.