Monster SuperTips Gel Audiophile Kits

Monster SuperTips Gel eartips are for engineered for critical listening and provide an incredible music experience by creating an ideal acoustic chamber in your ear. The Replacement Kit comes with six pairs of eartips and a bonus Revolver Eartip case a

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SuperTips Gel

Ear-DetailA New Era in In-Ear Listening is Here
One of the best ways to listen to music on the go is through in-ear headphones because their compact design makes them more portable than on-ear or over-ear headphones. Just the same, it used to be that in-ear headphones couldn't match on-ear and over-ear headphones at creating the acoustic seal needed to keep music in and noise out--until now.

Today, the right eartip is expected to provide the best possible sound, stay in place during use, and feel comfortable while you enjoy the music.

It's All in the Tips
Monster® SuperTips feature proprietary materials and engineering to deliver performance you won't get from any other eartip. With SuperTips, you'll get deeper, tighter bass and more dynamic range all with comfort that stays in place.

Constrained LayerHear More Music and Less Noise
SuperTips form a perfect seal in your ear to block sound from coming in or going out creating an ideal acoustic chamber in your ear. This optimized listening environment isolates and seals out outside noises providing an incredible music experience. All you hear is the music.

Ordinary gel eartips absorb sound waves before they reach your ear, deadening bass and compromising overall fidelity. Made for critical listening, Monster Gel SuperTips feature a proprietary gel-filled design with Constraining Layer that keeps sound waves undistorted from speaker to eardrum. The result: better bass response and greater clarity across the frequency spectrum.

SuperTips Gel Cut-AwayComfort Everywhere You Go
The portability of in-ear headphones makes them perfect for working out, bike riding, running, or even sleeping on that long flight. When performing these activities, comfort is as important as sound quality. Monster® SuperTips pliable Gel and ultra-soft Foam materials conform easily to the shape of your ear canal. This makes for a comfortable fit that reduces ear fatigue, and stay in place during activities, letting you listen or rest for hours

SuperTips Starter PackFreedom of Choice
Never tried SuperTips before? Then the Sampler Pack is for you. The right fit is the difference between good sound and great sound. The Sampler Pack comes with all sizes of both Gel and Foam SuperTips so you can try them all out.

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