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Keep Your Home Theater Equipment Safe 
T2 auto-disconnect protection circuitry shuts down the Monster PowerCenter and reconnects only when power supplies are safe. Unlike other surge protectors, T2 will not sacrifice itself when a potentially damaging power overload hits, and keeps on protecting with no reduction in performance. Exclusive Monster Tri-Mode power supplies protection against surges and spikes on all three power lines for a triple layer of safety. 
Patented HD Clean Power 
Your home’s electricity is full of noise and interference caused by all of your appliances and electronics. These dirty power supplies degrade audio and video performance. The HTS 1900G and the HT300RF power in wall tap both feature patented HD Clean Power filtering to remove electrical noise and interference for the best picture and sound. 
More Convenient Features
Surge protected coax, phone, and network connections are included for complete protection on all lines. The HTS 1900G also includes voltage LED meter that allows you to monitor power conditions. A front panel AC outlet is provided for convenience, and two front-panel USB ports are included. Controls 4 outlets on one chassis.
Our Monsterous™ Warranty
We’re Monsterously confident about the protection the HTS 1900G System power supplies, which is why we will replace up to $350,000 worth of equipment if it’s damaged by a power surge or spike (when properly connected, of course).