Monster™ CleanTouch™ for Smartphones

CleanTouch is the safe, effective way to clean your Smartphone touchscreens. It clears away dust, dirt, smudges, and fingerprints and leaves a microthin coating to resist fingerprint buildup. 

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1 Travel Bottle, 1 Cloth, 1 Pouch

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Safely Clean your Smartphone Touchscreen with Monster™ CleanTouch™   Your Smartphones Loves to Get Dirty You love your Smartphone and use it all the time. But the screen can become covered with dirt, dust, smudges, and grease. Yuck! Nothing takes the fun out of using your Smartphone like a dirty touchscreen. Now Monster has the answer to keep your Smartphone screen clean and bright for the clearest view.

CleanTouch to the Rescue!
Monster CleanTouch not only removes fingerprints, oils, and smudges, it leaves a microthin coating on your screen that resists fingerprint buildup and makes the screen easier to clean. It even resists scratching and leaves a silky smooth finishthat looks great, feels great, and lets you enjoy everything your Smartphone can do.

Aegis Kills 99.9% of Problem Causing Bacteria Stop Germs and Bacteria Where They Grow
Besides just being gross, smudges and fingerprints on your Smartphone screen can attract bacteria and germs that end up on your face and hands. But you can get rid of up to 99.9% of these nasty bugs by using the ultra-soft, microfiber Monster Clean Cloth™ with antimicrobial AEGIS™ technology. It clears away germs and microbes and leaves your screen clean and safe to use.

CleanTouch and Cloth Ideal Size and Shape for Easy Packing
The 20 mL bottle features a super thin design that easily fits in a bag, purse, or pocket. It's also TSA compliant, so you can take it anywhere. A convenient carry pouch for the bottle and the 6" x 6" microfiber Clean Cloth is included.