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High Performance Digital Audio Cable for Enhanced BitstreamTransfer and Clear, Natural Sound from Home Theaters
For the most enjoyment from your favorite movies, sports, and shows on your entertainment system, your sound needs to be crisp, clean, and clear. That’s why it’s critical to choose a high-performance cable for your digital coax connections, one that will protect your digital audio from outside interference.

Every Bit of Surround Sound Detail and Definition
Monster Cable® 400DCX features a high-bandwidth, low-loss design that rejects noise and minimizes bit error. The result: your stereo audio and surround sound will have greater clarity, depth, and dynamic range.

Patented Monster® Technologies for Lifelike Surround Sound
Monster ® 400DCX features an aluminized Mylar® foil shield and additional copper braid, suppressing outside noise sources that can compromise signal transfer and audio clarity. A specially engineered dielectric maximizes bitstream transfer, even over long runs or when the cable is bent. High-purity copper conductors and 24k gold contacts enhance signal integrity for powerful sound effects and crystal-clear dialogue. Step up to 400DCX for exceptional surround sound and exceptional value.