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Yao Ming's passion for technology

China is a substantial outlet for people in America to become aware of the latest technology. Here in China, we have become so oriented around the foundation of technology. For me, technology is a part of who I am, and have always wanted a way I can express myself with the rest of the world. I can’t imagine not being able to connect my cell phone, laptop, iPad, mp3, camera, and television…I have many electronics that I love to use every day; but was never quite happy with the cables or headphones I used with them, until I discovered Monster Cable.
Yao Ming

Monster and Yao: bringing premium AV products to China

Mr. Lee and I have created Yao Monster to make the digital life dream a reality in order to bring high-quality and simple solutions to the tech-aficionados and audiophiles who are focused on exciting, extremely high-quality, and just plain easy to use products. These products are integrating everything that is important to Chinese consumers in to one innovative concept! Yao Monster is not only an example of the greatest technology, it is extremely fashionable and is revolutionizing the way young consumers express themselves.
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