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ScreenClean >> ScreenClean Formulas for Camera & Camcorder

Keep Your Camera Lens and Screen Clear and Clean for a Perfect Picture
A dirty camera lens, screen, or viewfinder can easily ruin that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Monster ScreenClean for Camera and Camcorders safely removes dust, dirt, and grubby fingerprints without streaking or damaging delicate lens and screen coatings, so you can get the perfect shot every time. The ultra-fine mist won't drip or run. Even better, the slim ergonomic bottle design fits easily in a small pocket or camera bag.
Make sure you have enough cloths for your camera, camcorder, and all your displays with the Monster Clean Cloth Kit.

Monster™ ScreenClean™ for Cameras
Safely clean your camera lenses and screens with Monster® ScreenClean™ for Cameras and Camcorders. The antibacterial Monster Clean Cloth™ wipes away dust, dirt and smudges and the bacteria that they attract.