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Monster Standard<sup>&#0174;</sup> UL CL3 Speaker Cable /images_350w_225h/custom_installation/S14_2R_DB_glam_tech_bkrnd.jpg
  • Two conductor CL3 and FT4 rated speaker cable for in-wall installation.
  • EZ-Strip™ ripcord for quick, easy jacket removal.
  • Monster® quality in a low-cost design.
  • 16 gauge constructions with fine, high purity copper stranding.
  • S16-2R CL: THX® maximum lengths: fronts 24 ft; surrounds 48 ft.
Monster Standard® UL CL3 Speaker Cable
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Get Monster® quality in a low-cost design. This standard performance UL approved speaker cable is designed for custom install jobs. It is THX-certified to ensure the best, most reliable home theatre performance.
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