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Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> Studio Pro 2000 Speaker Cable with Speak-On Connectors /images_350w_225h/pro_audio/SP2000_Speakon_glam.jpg
  • Bass control conductor improves low frequency response and dynamics
  • 24K gold contacts for improved signal transfer
  • New custom Monster® connector design
  • Magnetic FluxTube® improves bass
  • Precision Time Correct® windings with separate wire networks provide excellent soundstage performance
Monster® Studio Pro 2000 Speaker Cable with Speak-On Connectors
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Delivers Maximum Fidelity and Power Transfer In Professional Speaker Systems.

Speaker cable has to deliver the sound and the power. This isn’t a line level signal. This is about volts and amps. SP 2000 is our premium speaker cable delivering max power to your speakers with sonic accuracy and clarity.
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