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PRO 950 Rack Mountable PowerCenter<sup>&#0153;</sup> with Clean Power<sup>&#0153;</sup> /images_350w_225h/power/Pro950_front_pt.jpg
  • Dimensions: 1 3/4 H x 17 1/4 W x 5 1/4 D; weight: 3.9 lbs.
  • Monster Clean Power™ Stage 1 filtering for high quality sound.
  • Dual-Mode Plus protection and audible alarm for maximum protection and performance.
  • AC power turn-on and turn-off for equipment and overload protection.
  • 8 switched outlets for power hungry equipment are color-coded for error free connections.
PRO 950 Rack Mountable PowerCenter with Clean Power
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PRO 950 PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 1 v.2.0, Surge Protection and 10 Outlets
Affordable, high performance Monster® PowerCenter PRO 950 provides better sound and complete protection against electrical surges and spikes for performing musicians, recording studios, project studios and home theaters. Features Monster Clean Power™ Stage 1 v.2.0 filtering for high quality sound, and Dual-Mode Plus™ circuitry provides audible and visual alarms for comprehensive protection. A superb value, PRO 950 provides entry to pro-grade power conditioning and protection for all music pros.
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