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Monster Video ISF® 2000HD Hyper Speed HDMI Cable - // /images_350w_225h/home_av/hdmi/MCISF2000HD5EFS_140655_GLAM_01.jpg
  • Hyper Speed, 21 Gbps, brings out the best in your components
  • HDMI performance indicator tells you signal resolution
  • ISF certified for calibration
  • 24k Gold Contacts
  • Premium materials and construction for optimum signal transfer
Monster Video ISF® 2000HD Hyper
Speed HDMI Cable - //
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Get the full HD experience you've paid for.

The picture on your new High Definition TV is only as sharp and brilliant as the cable you run it through. New 3D and 4k transmission requires cables that are many times faster -- and more sophisticated -- than those we used even a few years ago. Monster created ISF cables for the home theater owner who wants extremely fast and reliable cables.

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