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Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> Inspiration Japan Headphones Headband /images_350w_225h/headphones/accessories/128434_MH_HBAND_INS_JP.jpg
  • High-quality interchangeable headbands in many national flag styles
  • Easy-to-change magnetic clips
  • Plastic non-scratch tabs keep your headphones looking new
  • Headbands fit both over-ear and on-ear Inspiration models
  • Wide variety of designs; new arrivals all the time
Monster® Inspiration Japan Headphones Headband
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National Flag Headbands

Fly your colors with these beautifully made national flag headbands. Our unique interchangeable design makes it effortless to customize your Inspiration headphones. Vivid colors and a durable construction will let you show your pride while you enjoy legendary Monster Sound. Choose yours now from more than twenty national flag designs with more to come!

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