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Monster® Essentials Micro HDMI - High Speed /images_350w_225h/computer/DLHDHSST-1.5D-A_122401_GLAM.jpg
  • Connects smartphones, tablets, cameras and more with HDTV.
  • High Speed 10.2 Gbps transfer rate
  • Exclusive V-Grip™ connector for more reliable connections
  • Heavy-Duty Triple-Layer Shielding
  • Large-Gauge Copper conductors
Essentials Micro HDMI -
High Speed
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The Monster HDMI Micro cable is the perfect solution for connecting smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other devices that have an HDMI Micro connector, to HDTV's with full size HDMI connectors. Many people have photos, videos and other great content on their portable devices that with the right cable can be enjoyed on an HDTV. That's what this cable is for. It features a standard HDMI connector on one end and an HDMI micro connector on the other end. The cable is 4 feet long.
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