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Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> Gratitude In-Ear Headphones /images_350w_225h/mobile/MHGRTIERGLDCT_128732_GLAM_01.jpg
Apple ControlTalk
  • High-performance Monster® cables for astounding sound quality
  • Noise isolation keeps the music in, unwanted noise out
  • Tangle-free cables for a hassle-free life
  • ControlTalk for on-cable iPhone® or iPod® playback control and iPhone/music phone hands-free calling
  • Premium rose gold finish
Monster® Gratitude In-Ear Headphones
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Inspired by the Music of Earth, Wind, & Fire, Gratitude high-definition in-ear headphones reproduce the warmth and intimacy of analog performances exactly the way the artists intended their music to be heard. The result is pure, perfect sound. Nothing added. Nothing left out. And thanks to a revolutionary Monster design, sound this incredible device fits right in your pocket.
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