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FlatScreen SuperThin In-Wall PowerCenter™ 200 /images_350w_225h/flatscreen/power/121715_FS_MP_IW_200_GLAM.jpg
  • SuperThin™ PowerCenter™ includes 2 surge protected AC outlets
  • Recessed outlets provide ultra-low profile installation
  • Dual Mode Plus™ disconnect circuitry includes audible alarm for maximum surge protection
  • HD Clean Power® filtering reduces AC power line noise for improved audio and video performance
  • 540 Joule rating provides superior surge protection
FlatScreen SuperThin In-Wall PowerCenter 200
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The Monster Flatscreen SuperThin In-Wall PowerCenter is the perfect solution for the neatest, low-profile installation of a super slim TV. The PowerCenter gives you two surge-protected outlets where you need them – right behind your TV. Monster’s exclusive Dual Mode Plus ™ automatically disconnects to protect your TV from harmful power conditions and patented HD Clean Power ® rejects interference to improve audio and video performances.
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