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Monster<sup>&#0153;</sup> CleanTouch<sup>&#0153;</sup> for Touchscreen Tablets, eBooks and Smartphones /images_350w_225h/home_av/screenclean/132802_MC_CLNTCH-S_GLAM.jpg
  • Includes 20 mL bottle of CleanTouch, 1 6 x 6 microfiber Clean Cloth™, and carry pouch
  • Safely removes dirt, dust, smudges, and fingerprints from your tablets, e-books, and smartphones.
  • Alcohol- and ammonia-free solution won't harm delicate screen coatings
  • Leaves invisible fingerprint-resistant coating
  • Antimicrobial Clean Cloth controls spread of germs and bacteria
Monster CleanTouch for Touchscreen Tablets, eBooks and Smartphones
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CleanTouch is the safe, effective way to clean your tablet, ebook, and smartphone touchscreens. It clears away dust, dirt, smudges, and fingerprints and leaves a microthin coating to resist fingerprint buildup. The antimicrobial Clean Cloth™features antimicrobial protection by AEGIS™ to control the spread of germs and bacteria.
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