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Harajuku Lovers Space Age In-Ear Headphones from Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> Featuring Interchangeable Gwen Bodies /images_350w_225h/mobile/MHHJSPAGIEEFS_129683_GLAM2.jpg
  • 5 clip-on body colors let you create, express and work your style
  • Retractable cord keeper keeps your cables tangle-free
  • Multiple eartip sizes so you get the perfect fit
  • Heart-shaped compact case keeps your headphones safe, shiny, and new
Harajuku Lovers Space Age In-Ear Headphones from Monster® Featuring Interchangeable Gwen Bodies
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Create, express and work your style by customizing the ultra modern and out-of-this-world-cute Monster® - Harajuku Lovers Space Age G Headphones. Bring style and color all around the world (and beyond) with five interchangeable body colors. Mix and match them to create your own Space Age G style. Think of it as an "earring" that lets you go beyond just hearing music.
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