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PRO 600 Rack Mountable PowerCenter™ /images_350w_225h/pro_audio/pro600.jpg
  • Exclusive Monster Dual-Mode Plus autodisconnect circuitry protects valuable equipment from harmful power conditions.
  • High-current filter reduces performance-degrading noise and interference.
  • 9 surge-protected outlets, including one convenient front panel outlet.
  • Fireproof ceramic protection reduces risk of fire from surges.
  • 1080 joule rating.
PRO 600 Rack Mountable PowerCenter
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PRO 600 PowerCenter™ delivers superior component operation, the highest audio quality, and the best protection for your equipment and instruments. The PRO 600's high current filter circuitry reduces the noise that goes right through typical surge protectors. The filter, optimized for analog audio equipment, provides excellent AC power line noise rejection of analog gear from components. It features nine analog audio outlets, including one convenient front-panel outlet.
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