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Monster Lock<sup>&#0174;</sup> Flex Tip<sup>&#0153;</sup> Modular Speaker Cable Termination /images_350w_225h/home_av/m-series/MLFPH_glam.jpg
  • Conical surface design for reduced resistance, better signal transfer, and superior sonic performance.
  • Precision-machined flat-surfaced undersides for gas-tight connection.
  • Staggered thread design for ease of attaching terminations at any angle.
  • High purity, oxygen-free 24k gold-plated copper weave braid for optimum flexibility.
Monster Lock® Flex Tip Modular Speaker Cable Termination
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Modular Flex Tip™ braided, flexible 24k gold contact speaker termination for attachment to Monster Lock™ Master Pin™. A high purity, oxygen-free, 24k gold contact copper weave braid provides greatest flexibility when connecting to hard-to-reach binding posts.
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