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Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> Home Theater HTS 1900G PowerCenter<sup>&#0153;</sup> with Clean Power<sup>&#0153;</sup> Stage 2 /images_350w_225h/power/MP_HTS_1900.jpg
  • Monster GreenPower™ outlets automatically switch off to stop standby energy waste
  • Controls 4 outlets on the Chassis.
  • 1 Front Panel AC Utility Outlet.
  • 2 Front Panel USB Charging Ports
  • Blue Display to Match Today’s Components
Monster® Home Theater HTS 1900G PowerCenter with Clean Power Stage 2
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The Monster GreenPower System 1900G HTS delivers advanced protection against surges, HD Clean Power® filtering and GreenPower energy savings for your valuable AV equipment. The HTS 1900G rack-mountable PowerCenter is paired with the HT300RF wall tap PowerCenter to provide the ultimate in protection, performance, and flexibility for your home theater installation.
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