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Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> Turbine<sup>&#0153;</sup> Pro Copper Professional In-Ear Speakers<sup>&#0153;</sup> /images_350w_225h/mobile/MHTBB-PIECPR_129396_GLAM_02.jpg
  • Pro speaker design with low mass, ultra-wide bandwidth driver for superior accuracy.
  • All-metal construction cancels unwanted resonance for pure sound.
  • Pro Sound Supertip™ with advanced construction provides maximum sound isolation.
  • Pro strain relief; rugged construction withstands heavy duty use.
  • Adjustable ear hooks keeps earphones in place comfortably for active lifestyles.
Monster® Turbine Pro Copper Professional In-Ear Speakers
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Monster Turbine Pro Copper's reference-level in-ear monitoring system is designed for absolute audio fidelity. Advanced drivers and enclosures, form-fitting isolation, and the technology of the best audiophile speaker cables provide you with the ultimate listening experience.
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