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Monster Music® George Benson: Songs and Stories /images_350w_225h/MonsterMusic/GeorgeBenson_Album_Monster_HDS.jpg
  • High Definition Surround Sound with In The Studio surround experience.
  • High Definition Digital Music Files encoded with Dolby Headphone Surround.
  • High Definition Stereo (PCM 96/24), and audiophile mastered.
Monster Music® George Benson: Songs
and Stories
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Now you can hear the legendary George Benson's, Songs and Stories, in a whole new way. This HDS High Definition Surround Sound SuperDisc mix reveals even more of the vocal emotion and masterful musicianship that has made George an international superstar. Includes a SuperDisc, that plays only on DVD players and also includes behind the scenes footage, and the standard stereo mix CD.
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