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HP Monster® Digital PowerCenter™ 800G w/ Green Power /images_350w_225h/computer/HPMMDP800G_121640_EF_GLAM_34R-w.jpg
  • Monster GreenPower™ outlets shut down automatically to save energy and money when equipment is in stand-by mode
  • Exclusive Dual Mode Plus™ auto-disconnect surge protection with alarm
  • Patented PC Clean Power® filtering removes electrical noise and interference for optimum data transfer
  • 8 surge-protected AC outlets
  • 3140 Joule rating provides high level of protection
HP Monster® Digital PowerCenter 800G
w/ Green Power
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Advanced Dual Mode Plus™ surge protection and PC Clean Power® filtering protects your computer equipment – and the data stored on it – from dangerous surges and spikes and maximizes performance. Monster GreenPower™ automatic switching outlets save energy and money by eliminating stand-by mode power waste.
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