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Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> Digital Life<sup>&#0153;</sup> PowerNet<sup>&#0153;</sup> 200 with Clean Power (Starter Pack) /images_350w_225h/digital_express/DX_PLN_200-2_Glam.jpg
  • Ultra-high speed network over power line.
  • Includes 2 Monster® PowerNet™ 200 units and 2 ethernet cables
  • 200 Mbps performance*; perfect for faster movie downloads, online gaming and more
  • Instant setup, just plug into any AC wall outlet
  • Patented Dual Mode Plus™ surge protection with automatic disconnect and alarm
Monster® Digital Life PowerNet 200 with Clean Power (Starter Pack)
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Your new SmartTV and game system can do amazing things like stream stunning HD movies and let you play intense, multi-player games with opponents around the world. The fact is you'll only get the most out of your system with a wired Ethernet connection. But who has the time or money to wire their whole house with Ethernet? Wi-Fi's not the answer; it's convenient, but it's slow and unreliable. This is why we created PowerNet.
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