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Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> iCarPlay<sup>&#0153;</sup> Wireless 1000 FM Transmitter for iPhone and iPod /images_350w_225h/mobile/AIPFMCH250_123892_GLAM01.jpg
  • Monster AutoScan 3D™ Technology scans the entire FM spectrum three times and locks in the clearest FM frequency available
  • Plays iPhone® or iPod® music over any car stereo systems.
  • 3 programmable favorite stations for quick tuning to a clear frequency
  • Accurate line-level audio minimizes distortion and maximizes dynamic range for accurate sound
  • Advanced audio circuitry rejects cell phone interference for clear sound
Monster® iCarPlay Wireless 1000 FM Transmitter for iPhone and iPod
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The Monster iCarPlay® Wireless 1000 lets you listen to your iPhone or iPod on your car's FM radio. It also charges while you play your music so you can listen for the longest road trips.
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