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Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> iCarPlay<sup>&#0153;</sup> Portable 300 FM Transmitter for iPhone and iPod /images_350w_225h/mobile/AI300FM-CH_132616_GLAM02.jpg
  • 3 programmable favorite stations for quick tuning to a clear frequency
  • Full FM tuning capability in the car for clear sound anywhere.
  • Includes Mini-USB Cable for recharging.
  • Metallic Vapor Deposition Display for easy backlit visibility when on and sleek mirrored surface when off.
  • Play your music on ANY FM Station on any radio.
Monster® iCarPlay Portable 300 FM Transmitter for iPhone and iPod
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The iCarPlay® Wireless 300 is an ultra-portable FM transmitter that completely eliminates cable clutter, and doesn't require an external power source. It gives you the freedom to listen to your iPhone or iPod in the car, at home, or in the office, wherever there's an FM radio.
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