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Monster Power<sup>&#0174;</sup> Digital PowerCenter<sup>&#0153;</sup> MDP 600 /images_350w_225h/power/MDP600_121576_GLAM01W.jpg
  • Dual Mode Plus™ surge protection automatically disconnects and sounds an alarm
  • 1440 Joule rating provides high level of surge protection
  • 6 Color-coded, ultra-wide spaced AC outlets with matching labels
  • Mountable design for easy attachment to desk or AV cabinet
  • Includes 6 ft. PowerLine® 100 cord with FlatProfile™ plug
Monster Power® Digital PowerCenter MDP 600
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The Monster MDP 600 Digital PowerCenter™ features exclusive Dual Mode Plus™ to protect your computer and the valuable data stored on it. When it senses dangerous power conditions, Dual Mode Plus automatically disconnects and sounds an alarm to protect your equipment against even the most powerful surges.
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