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Monster HDP 2500 High Definition PowerCenter<sup>&#0153;</sup> /images_350w_225h/power/HDP2500_Glam001.jpg
  • Monster® HD Clean Power™ Stage 2 circuitry filter dramatically reduces electronic noise.
  • T2™ automatic disconnect/reconnect surge protection circuitry.
  • Patented Tri-Mode® surge protection automatically disconnects both line and neutral power lines and sounds an alarm.
  • 11 surge-protected, color-coded AC outlets.
  • 2 pair ultra-low loss 2.8 GHz satellite connections.
Monster HDP 2500 High Definition PowerCenter
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The High Definition PowerCenter™ HDP 2500 is designed to provide superior protection and let you enjoy all the color, clarity and excitement that your high definition TV can deliver. Microprocessor controlled T2™ surge protection keeps your home theater equipment safe from power surges and spikes. Advanced HD Clean Power™ Stage 2 filtration is engineered for high definition AV components. The HDP 2500 has 11 surge protected AC outlets and also protects phone, network, cable and satellite connections for complete home theater protection.
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