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PRO 200 PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 1 /images_350w_225h/power/Pro200_glam.jpg
  • Dimensions: 8 3/4 H x 4 5/8 W x 2 5/8 D; weight: 0.54 lbs.
  • Clean Power™ Stage 1 filtering reduces AC power line noise for improved audio performance.
  • Dual Mode Plus™ advanced surge protection features audible alarm and AC power disconnect circuitry for complete protection.
  • Ultra-compact design with 2 protected AC outlets easily packs for travel to the studio or concert
  • 2 LED indicators confirm when SurgeGuard™ surge protection is activated and when external AC wiring is properly grounded.
PRO 200 PowerCenter with Clean
Power Stage 1
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The Monster Pro 200 Ultra-Compact Audio PowerCenter™ delivers patented Clean Power™ Filtering and advanced Dual Mode Plus™ power surge protection to amplification, recording, and mixing music gear whether you're on the stage or in the studio. Compact enough to take anywhere, use the Monster Pro for improved sound and protection against unpredictable power in clubs, for rehearsals, or anywhere you're making music.
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