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Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> Turbine<sup>&#0153;</sup> High Performance In-Ear Speakers<sup>&#0153;</sup> /images_350w_225h/mobile/monster_turbine_basic_glam.jpg
  • Low mass, wide bandwidth driver for precision response
  • Black chrome all-metal housing eliminates vibration for pure sound
  • Tangle-resistant cable design
  • Duraflex® protective cable jacket for maximum tangle resistance and durability
  • Patented magnetic FluxTube™ for more natural audio reproduction
Monster® Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers
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Monster Turbine In-Ear Speakers deliver incredibly accurate sound reproduction that before came only from full-sized speakers. The revolutionary in-ear headphone design includes all-metal housing and advanced custom drivers so you experience the full range of sound, from pitch-perfect highs to the deepest bass notes, without distortion.

  • non-retail packaging
  • comes with medium sized eartips
  • carrying case not included

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