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HDMI 1000HD Ultimate High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet /images_350w_225h/home_av/HDMI/1000hd_Ultimate_high.jpg
  • Ultimate-high speed rated
  • Cable For Life performance guarantee
  • For those who demand the best in high definition home theater - now and in the future
  • Ultimate 1080p Full HD picture and sound from the largest HDTVs, advanced projectors, and digital AV sources
  • Delivers up to 7.1 lossless digital surround sound for the ultimate movie, music, and game experience
HDMI 1000HD Ultimate High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet
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Ultimate high performance cable with a bandwidth of greater than 17.8 Gbps. Get the ultimate picture and sound from larger HDTVs, advanced projectors, and high definition AV sources like Blu-ray Disc™/HD DVD™ players and PlayStation®3 consoles. High speed HDMI cable for the sharpest picture, deepest color, and smoothest video.
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