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Fiber Optic 600dfo High Performance Audio Cable /images_350w_225h/home_av/audio/mc_600dfo.jpg
  • Attractive silver satin finish for lasting style and durability
  • Exclusive spring-loaded connector keeps fiber in optical alignment for maximum data transfer.
  • Monster designed pressure connection keeps fiber in perfect alignment with components.
  • Graded index optical fiber greatly reduces jitter for enhanced clarity and definition.
  • For use with DVD, CD, DACs, S/PDIF, and Dolby Digital® audio applications.
Fiber Optic 600dfo High Performance Audio Cable
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High-performance digital audio cable for realistic Dolby® Digital or DTS® home theater experience. Superior graded-index fiber and 2-step precision polished terminations minimize signal dispersion and jitter for music and dialogue with exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamics.
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