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Monster<sup>&#0174;</sup> Home Theater Reference HTS 5100 MKII PowerCenter<sup>&#0153;</sup> with Clean Power<sup>&#0153;</sup> Stage 4 /images_350w_225h/power/HTS5100MKII_glam.jpg
  • Dimensions: 3.88 H x 17.13 W x 14.63 D; weight: 20.35 lbs.
  • Monster Clean Power™ Stage 4 v.2.1 circuitry filter dramatically reduces electronic noise.
  • T2™ automatic disconnect/reconnect protection circuitry.
  • Tri-Mode™ power protection circuitry with audible alarm and auto disconnect.
  • 6814 joule rating provides a high level of surge absorption.
Monster® Home Theater Reference HTS 5100 MKII PowerCenter with Clean Power Stage 4
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5 Isolated Monster® Clean Power™ Filter Sections, Programmable Outlets and Dual-Digital LED AC Current & Voltage Meters for High-Performance Home Theater Systems with Digital TV
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