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Monster 402 XLN® XTREME Subwoofer Speaker Cable (2-Conductor) /images_350w_225h/perfcar/MPCS402XLNXT-2C7_Glam002.jpg
  • Quadrapole™ construction features 4 solid core conductors for huge signal transfer capability subwoofer amps need.
  • Magnetic Flux Tube® minimizes distortion-producing magnetic fields for extended low frequency bass response.
  • Low-loss PEX™ dielectric maintains signal integrity for enhanced depth and improved reproduction of inner detail.
  • MultiTwist™ construction provides excellent noise rejection.
Monster 402 XLN® XTREME Subwoofer
Speaker Cable (2-Conductor)
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Finally an ultimate performance car audio speaker cable made specifically for use with subwoofers. Monster exclusive QuadraPole solid core construction has instant and continuous heavy duty power transfer for bass that’s deep, dynamic and loud.
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