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Monster Keyboard<sup>&#0153;</sup> Cable /images_350w_225h/pro_audio/keyboard.jpg
  • 24k hard gold contact 1/4” connectors increase conductivity and resist corrosion.
  • IsoTec® vibration isolation technology eliminates cable microphonics.
  • Dense copper braid for maximum protection from EMI.
  • MicroFiber® dielectric core for accurate lows and extended frequency response.
  • Multiple gauge high and low frequency wire networks for accurate, natural sound reproduction.
Monster Keyboard Cable
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Monster Keyboard is designed to bring out the true sound of digital and analog keyboards, maintaining phase integrity while delivering crisp details and harmonics thanks to a special helical-bundled conductor, impedance matched construction and MicroFiber dielectric. A dense shield reduces interference and hum, and a Duraflex jacket ensures long lasting reliability and beauty.
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