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Signature Series™ Home Theater Reference PowerCenter™ HTS 5100 with Monster Clean Power™ Stage 4 /images_350w_225h/power/hts5100_ss_angled.jpg
  • Dimensions: 3.88 H x 17.13 W x 14.63 D; weight: 25.73 lbs.
  • Clean Power Stage 4 v2.0. application specific filters.
  • T2 circuitry and Tri-Mode™ power protection circuitry with audible alarm.
  • 3145 joule rating provides highest level of surge absorption.
  • 10 AC outlets for AC surge and spike protection.
Signature Series Home Theater Reference
PowerCenter HTS 5100 with Monster Clean Power Stage 4
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Features patented Monster® Clean Power™ Stage 4 with 5 specially optimized isolation filter sections (2 digital, analog audio, video, high-current audio), exclusive T2™ and TriMode™ protection circuits and 8425 joule rating deliver ultimate home theater performance. Also protects coax, phone and Ethernet lines from surges and spikes; sequenced AC power turn-on protects equipment from turn-on transients. This Signature HTS 5100 PowerCenter also features a bold True Blue™ LED display and the Head Monster Noel Lee’s signature as his personal statement of superior look and performance. With its advanced filtering, protection and convenience features, Monster Signature HTS 5100 a must-have for those who are passionate about getting the best sound and picture from their home theater.
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