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PRO 2500 Rack Mountable PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 2 /images_350w_225h/pro_audio/Pro2500_glam.jpg
  • Dimensions: 1.75 H x 119.00 W x 10.00 D; weight: 12.63 lbs.
  • Monster Clean Power™ Stage 2 v2.0 filtering for high quality sound.
  • Dual-Mode Plus protection provides audible and visual alarm for maximum protection and performance.
  • Two-stage sequenced AC power turn-on and turn-off for equipment and overload protection.
  • 8 switched outlets for power hungry equipment are color-coded for error free connections.
PRO 2500 Rack Mountable PowerCenter
with Clean Power Stage 2
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PRO 2500 is a very affordable PowerCenter combining entry-level Clean Power Stage 2 power conditioning for improved audio performance with a high level of surge protection. Designed by musicians for musicians, PRO 2500 provides an excellent introduction to the benefits of filtering out AC line noise, while Dual Mode Plus surge protection circuitry with 2775 Joule rating protects valuable components from power line spikes. For musicians, small studios, portable racks, and other budget-conscious applications. When powering up sound systems, PRO 2500 prevents turn-on transients with two-stage sequential turn-on.
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