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QuickLock<sup>&#0153;</sup> Gold Banana Connectors For Easy Self Crimping Terminations /images_350w_225h/home_av/connectors/QL_banana.jpg
  • Two piece screw-on design for easy and reliable crimpless and self crimping termination.
  • Nine separate 24k gold plated beryllium-copper leaf spring contacts for maximum signal transfer.
  • 24k gold plated contacts resist corrosion for a lifetime of durability.
  • Wider base minimizes shorting for maximum signal transfer.
  • Special teeth and ring-lock for strong grip that stays tight for optimum signal transfer.
QuickLock Gold Banana Connectors For Easy Self Crimping Terminations
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Monster QuickLock™ Gold Banana Connectors for easy self-crimping terminations. The 2-piece screw-on design offers easy, reliable crimpless and self-crimping terminations. 9 separate 24K goldplated beryllium-copper leaf spring contacts, and a wider base provide maximum signal transfer.
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