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Audio Video PowerCenter™ AV 200 with Clean Power™ Stage 1 /images_350w_225h/power/MP_AV200.jpg
  • Dimensions: 5.45 H x 3.15 W x 2.40 D; weight: 0.54 lbs.
  • Maximum 1110 joule surge protection for both AC power outlets.
  • Audible surge alarm and visual indicator alerts you to protection status.
  • Protects internet/fax/modem line from damaging pulses and discharges caused from surge pulses.
  • $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.
Audio Video PowerCenter AV 200
with Clean Power Stage 1
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This convenient unit is designed for TVs or any other audio/video components that are simply farther than a cord length away from your main power conditioner/surge suppressor. The AV 200 provides 2 surge-protected outlets with Monster Clean Power Stage 1v2.0 filter for noise free power to both outlets. 24k gold contacts deliver optimal power transfer, while a visual alert indicator signals the status of equipment protection. Compact and cordless, AV 200 plugs directly into an AC wall outlet.
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