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PowerLine<sup>&#0174;</sup> 300, 8ft High Performance Detachable IEC Power Cord /images_350w_225h/power/powerline300_glam.jpg
  • High-performance hookup for high-powered A/V components equipped with IEC power connections.
  • Multi-bundled wire technology with large-gauge conductors for maximum current transfer.
  • Dual 100% mylar and 95% copper braid shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI.
  • 8-foot length provides greater flexibility for longer installations.
  • 24k gold-plated contacts for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance.
PowerLine® 300, 8ft High Performance Detachable IEC Power Cord
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Your Monster Power system is only as strong as the weakest link in your electronics chain. This 8ft. detachable power cord, the PowerLine® 300, provides you with maximum current transfer, maximum conductivity, and offers a high performance solution to connect your components to Monster PowerCenters.
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